Adoptable Georgia Dogs for February 23, 2015


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for February 23, 2015


This is Cocoa, a female Labrador Retriever mix, ID#14361 at the Douglas County Animal Shelter, 770.942.5961 She will be available for adoption or rescue on 2/25/15.

She is so so quiet, sweet, timid and calm. In her kennel she just sat back and waited patiently to be taken out, didn’t peep. She is also like a big teddy bear, such a love and just wanted to lay on the ground and get belly rubs. She seems to be a bit older looking at her greying beard. She also seems to have a left eye infection and very itchy ears. They were bugging her frown emoticon Lastly there is a little puncture-looking spot on the top of her head. Looks like an old wound. This girl is such a sweet love please go meet her. She will make one lucky family very happy.


This is Pooka, a a Foxhound/Lab Retriever Mix, ID#14056 Douglas County Animal Shelter, Douglasville, GA 770.942.5961.

His kennel card says adult but he sure does act like a puppy with lots of energy. He needs to be in a home with no cats or dogs. He could also use a big yard for running around and would make a great running buddy! He has a lot of energy, loves loves to play and to keep you guessing. He’s a very funny, super smart boy and would learn very quickly with the right training and a patient person. smile emoticon He takes treats very gently and eventually calms down (see the last pic). Please go meet and fall in love with him. He’s SUPER URGENT!

York York

York York is a Labrador Retriever mix who is super urgent, Douglas County Animal Shelter , Douglasville, GA, 770-942-5961.

He is a very sweet boy.. very calm, and has a gentle mouth…. he has not done well with other dogs in the shelter, but I’m sure it’s because he is really stressed…. may need to be an only dog, may be different outside the shelter.. he is an amazing dog, please go see him… his neuter and rabies tag is already sponsored.

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