Rep. Tom Price: Thousands of Jobs Await President’s Signature


Rep. Tom Price: Thousands of Jobs Await President’s Signature

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From Congressman Tom Price 

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Price: Thousands of Jobs Await President’s Signature

Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives voted to approve the Senate’s Keystone XL pipeline authorization and send the legislation to President Obama:

“With today’s vote, authorization of the Keystone XL pipeline will finally travel to the president’s desk. After years of delays and the previous Democrat-controlled Senate running interference for the White House, the bill to authorize thousands of jobs and increase our energy independence will have an opportunity to become law. The president should sign it. The bipartisan support this legislation has secured reflects the American people’s desire to see Congress work together on concrete solutions. Keystone is part of a broader, ongoing effort to achieve energy independence and expand economic opportunity and job creation. President Obama ought to see the benefit of working with Congress on this issue.

We call on the president to put aside his partisan political considerations and demonstrate to the American people that he will play a constructive role in delivering real results. Our great country expects no less.”

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