Rep. Tom Price: The President’s Reckless Budget


Rep. Tom Price: The President’s Reckless Budget

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From Congressman Tom Price 



The President’s Reckless Budget

President Obama has released his Fiscal Year 2016 budget. The President’s proposal includes a $2.4 trillion spending increase, a $2.1 trillion tax increase and adds $8.5 trillion to the national debt. And, as expected, his budget never, ever balances. As we have seen over the past several years, this fiscally irresponsible approach will yield less opportunity for the middle class and a crushing burden of debt that threatens both our future prosperity and our national security. A proposal that never balances is not a serious plan for America’s fiscal future. Especially when we have to borrow money just to afford the programs that are already in place.

Clearly, a new direction is needed. As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, I look forward to working with my colleagues to build a budget that will balance and not take more from hardworking families just to spend more in Washington. After all, every dollar that is taken from Americans in taxes – and every dollar borrowed – is a dollar that can’t be spent on real priorities like paying for a child’s education, buying a car, paying rent, paying a mortgage, or buying a house. That is why the budget that we will present to the American people will make government more efficient and accountable to hard-working taxpayers, lift the regulatory burden on families and job creators, and embrace the innovative spirit that drives American entrepreneurship and success. This is how we, as a nation, can lay the foundation for a healthy economy and a responsible federal budget.

Transparency & Accountability

Last week, the House of Representatives debated and passed two pieces of legislation, H.R. 50 and H.R. 527, to increase transparency at regulatory agencies so they are forced to consider the impact their directives have on states and small businesses across the country. Job creators and hard-working families have experienced the slowest recovery from an economic downturn in modern history, due in no small part to an overactive regulatory regime at the federal level. It is imperative that we ramp up accountability across the board and shine a light on the number of unfunded mandates that are handed down from Washington in order to recognize, and hopefully mitigate, the damage that’s being done. It’s an important part of creating an economic environment conducive to growth and opportunity.

Additionally, the House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare. This law is moving our health care system in the wrong direction where the American people are paying more and getting less. We need true health reform that makes the system more responsive to patients, families and doctors – reforms that preserve and protect the doctor-patient relationship. To learn more about my plan, the Empowering Patients First Act, that would promote patient-centered health care, click here.

Exciting News in GA06

Mercedes-Benz has announced that they will be relocating their United States headquarters to Sandy Springs. This is a testament to the healthy environment for job growth and opportunity that has been encouraged and created by folks living and working in the Sixth District. We look forward to working with Mercedes, its leadership and employees as they become a part of our community.

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