VIDEO – Rep. Tom Graves: State of the Union Response


VIDEO – Rep. Tom Graves: State of the Union Response

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From Congressman Tom Graves

State of the Union Response 

Hi, I’m Congressman Tom Graves.

Tonight, the president talked about his plans for the new year. And, as with past years, we heard a lot of the ways that the president would like to help certain groups of people by expanding the federal government with an action, a program or an initiative that benefits a segment of the population.

Some of these ideas, they may sound good. But, with a ballooning national debt of more than 18 trillion dollars, what we didn’t hear is a realistic way to pay for them. Or the consequences of expanding the federal bureaucracy.

After six full years of this presidency, we know that more government does not produce better results.

Wages are stagnant.

The economy still isn’t working for hard-working Americans.

And here in Georgia, our unemployment rate remains above 7 percent – significantly higher than the national average. And, in fact, in some parts of the 14th District, the unemployment rate is up to 9 percent. 

Under President Obama, Washington hasn’t worked for people across North Georgia, or throughout the country.

And that’s why House Republicans, in sharp contrast to the failed policies of this president, are promoting an agenda that will help all Americans – not just certain groups.

Our agenda is focused on freedom, where government growth is stopped in favor of economic growth; where the private-sector is allowed to flourish and create jobs.

We are fighting to protect hard-working Americans from tax increases, unnecessary regulations and burdensome red tape.

Already this year, the House passed legislation to end Obamacare’s destruction of the 40 hour work week, help veterans find jobs and approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

We also passed legislation to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security, while denying any funds whatsoever from being used to carry out the president’s unconstitutional actions.

The president may choose not to work with us, but we have a clear mandate from Georgians and the American people to press forward.

And, even though we face many challenges, I am confident that we can force Washington to once again work for all Americans.

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