Rep. Tom Price: Responds to President’s State of the Union Address


Rep. Tom Price: Responds to President’s State of the Union Address

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From Congressman Tom Price 


Price Responds to President’s State of the Union Address

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address:

“Listening to President Obama tonight it is clear that this administration is stuck in the past when it comes to thinking about how we solve the tremendous challenges facing our nation. The president believes we should continue pursuing the same failed policies that have contributed to an economic recovery that’s leaving the middle class behind and a long-term budget crisis that threatens our future prosperity and national security.

“The good news is that these challenges can be addressed with positive, innovative solutions that empower American families, workers and entrepreneurs. Solutions like fundamental tax reform and a balanced budget that will break down barriers to economic growth and opportunity. Regulatory reform to make government more efficient and accountable. Improvements to the nation’s health and retirement programs so that we are saving and strengthening these programs for generations to come.

“The president’s plan – higher taxes and more government spending when Washington cannot afford to pay for what it has already promised – is neither positive nor innovative. House Republicans are ready to work with the president and Democrats in Congress, but it is past time we moved beyond the same, tired policies of the past that failed to deliver on the president’s promises. We have to focus on unleashing an economy that benefits every American with a government that’s accountable to hard-working taxpayers. We invite the president to join us.”

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