Rep. Tom Price: Realistic Scoring


Rep. Tom Price: Realistic Scoring

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From Congressman Tom Price


Realistic Scoring

Last week, the House of Representatives approved its rules package for the 114th Congress. Included in that package was a provision that requires the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to incorporate what’s called “macroeconomic” analysis into the cost estimates that CBO provides for legislation considered by the Congress. In short, we are asking CBO to give us a broader view into the impact of policies being debated so we ensure lawmakers have a more realistic and honest analysis of the budgetary and economic impact of major legislation.

The inclusion of this realistic analysis provision in the House rules is an important victory in a larger effort to bring more transparency and accountability to the legislative process on behalf of American families. As history has shown and common sense would lead one to believe, laws passed by Congress can have a broad effect on the nation’s economic activity, on job creation and investment decisions. What we are saying is let us take what the experts at CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) can measure about the real-world impact of policies and incorporate those more realistic assessments into an honest analysis that policymakers can use to make better informed decisions.

To learn more about the need for macroeconomic scoring, please click here.

Keystone XL

In the House of Representatives, we are committed to advancing solutions that will help grow our economy. That is why, in our first week in session, we passed several measures to support job creation including legislation that will encourage the hiring of more veterans. The Hire More Heroes Act lifts burdensome Obamacare regulations that are currently standing in the way of our veterans finding jobs.

In addition, the House acted, once again, with broad, bipartisan support to pass the Keystone XL Pipeline, and we expect swift action on this bill in the Senate as well. This common sense project will create jobs and strengthen America’s energy security. It reflects the will of the American people who are ready to see Congress work together on real solutions to expand economic opportunity. Unfortunately, instead of working across the aisle like he has repeatedly claimed he would, President Obama has issued a veto threat on Keystone. He has already been blocking this project for years — putting political considerations above the interests of American workers.

That needs to end. The president ought to demonstrate true leadership by allowing the Keystone Pipeline to move forward, and then work with Congress on advancing other positive, bipartisan solutions we know will help strengthen our country and support American families.

House Budget Committee

As mentioned in weeks past, I have the honor this Congress of leading the House Budget Committee as its Chairman. Our committee looks forward to advancing real solutions to help solve the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges. We encourage you to follow our efforts online atBudget.House.Gov. Of course, you can always contact our office by going to Tom.House.Gov.

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