Gov. Nathan Deal: Welcomes Mercedes-Benz to Georgia


Gov. Nathan Deal: Welcomes Mercedes-Benz to Georgia

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From Governor Nathan Deal


Deal: Welcomes Mercedes-Benz to Georgia

Gov. Nathan Deal today made the following statement on the announcement of Mercedes-Benz USA’s upcoming move to Georgia.

“The relocation of Mercedes-Benz’s U.S. headquarters to Georgia is a huge win for our state,” said Deal. “This internationally renowned company is a pioneer in the automotive industry and I’m confident that its legacy of high-quality, innovative products will continue with the help of the Georgia’s pro-business environment and strategic resources. Much like the many other global companies headquartered here, Mercedes-Benz will find that Georgia’s community-based, community-driven support will benefit its employees during this time of transition.

I look forward to building upon our new partnership in the years to come, and I thank Mercedes-Benz for entrusting its future success to Georgia.”

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