Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for December 24, 2014


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for December 24, 2014

On December 25, 1776, Continental forces under General George Washington began crossing the Delaware River and the next day launched a suprise attack on Hessian soldiers at Trenton, New Jersey.


The War of 1812 ended on December 24, 1814 with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, Belgium by British and American representatives.

Happy Birthday to Columbus, Georgia, founded on December 24, 1827 when Gov. John Forsyth signed legislation incorporating the new town.

On December 25, 1868, President Andrew Johnson issued an unconditional pardon of all Confederates.

President Calvin Coolidge lit the first National Christmas Tree on the White House grounds on December 24, 1923.

U.S.S. Atlanta was commissioned on December 24, 1941 at the New York Navy Yard as the lead ship of a new class of Light Cruisers. USS Atlanta (CL-51) was sponsored by Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind.


Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as President of the USSR on December 25, 1991, signalling the end of the Godless Communist regime.

Georgia Politics

Last night, Toccoa saw the return of her Georgia Army National Guard Engineer Unit last night from Afghanistan,

The 110 members of Toccoa’s Georgia Army National Guard Engineer Unit weren’t dreaming at all Tuesday night as they returned home after serving several months in Afghanistan.

The unit, the 876th Vertical EN Company, returned to a welcome home ceremony at the Stephens County High School on Tuesday.

The vehicles carrying the soldiers were escorted into the county and to the high school by Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley.

Commanded by Capt. Tyler Cook and 1st Sgt. Danny Williamson, the unit conducted demolition, repair and construction operations to include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and concrete work for facilities in their assigned area of operations in Afghnaistan.

Major Will Cox of the Georgia National Guard said this marks the first time in thirteen years that no Georgia National Guard units are deployed.

One way to support our fellow Georgians in uniform and their families is to make an online donation to The Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation.

In the City of Demorest, Georgia, members of the City Council and Mayor Rick Austin have been working to find a way to staff the Fire Department 24 hours in response to requests from the community.

The Demorest City Council approved its 2015 during a called meeting Tuesday night.

The budget includes funding to staff the city’s fire department 24 hours a day – something city residents have asked for over the past four to five weeks of the budgeting process.

Following the meeting, Mayor Rick Austin explained.

“Tonight we were presented with an amended budget,” Austin said. “Per the council’s vote last week to find the funds to fully staff the City of Demorest Fire Department, those funds were rearranged from other line items in the budget that are going to come in under budget.”

Austin is pleased with the outcome of the budget vote.

“It comes down to priority,” Austin said. “I was very pleased last week that the council made it a priority to fully staff 24 hours a day the City of Demorest Fire Department.”

But the Demorest firefighters had another idea. From Rick Austin on Facebook:

As a Christmas present to the citizens of Demorest and surrounding residents, the Demorest Fire Department has chosen to begin staffing our department 24 hours a day, without pay, starting tonight. I am very pleased that they will be fully funded starting in January. Their voluntary coverage through the holidays exemplifies their selflessness as they serve our town under the leadership of Chief Ranalli. I am proud to call them my firemen. They honor us by their sacrificial service. Merry Christmas!

A friend and I both had the idea that it would be nice to provide a meal for the firefighters in recognition of both their day-to-day sacrifices, and this act in particular. Mayor Austin had a better idea:

Our FD is small and there will only be two on during the day and one on during the night shift. What they really want is a Keurig coffee machine to handle their caffeine/coffee needs in single dose amounts. I’ll kick in as well, but if you and Sam want to help, it would be greatly appreciated throughout the year! Don’t feel like you have or need to do this, but do know that they are extremely appreciative. Merry Christmas!

So this is being delivered to the Demorest Fire Department.

Keurig for Firefighters

But, they’ll need coffee, so I’ve arranged a way you can buy a Demorest Fire Department member a cup of coffee.

Firefighter Coffee

Click that button or click here and you’ll be taken to an wishlist with several kinds of coffee that works with that coffee maker and a few other related little things.

If you purchase something through the Amazon wish list, I won’t make any money or get anything at all other than the satisfaction of helping you show some firefighters that they are appreciated. Your gift will be delivered to Mayor Austin, whom I am confident won’t mind taking it over to the fire house.

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