Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 24, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 24, 2014

The Gwinnett County Animal Shelter is closed today and tomorrow but will be open again beginning Friday, December 26th.

Baby Pittie

This little baby Pibble (Pit Bull) mix was surrendered by his owners to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter where he is available for adoption.


43311 (male, above) and 43312 (female, below) are baby Lab mix puppies who were found stray together and are now at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.



Cash, (above) is a male Border Collie mix who was surrendered by his owners just before Christmas and he is now waiting for a new home at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.


43242 above is a Vizsla mix who showed a little aggression and so is only available for owner reclaim or to a rescue group. It’s not uncommon for a dog to show some aggression in a shelter situation, which is loud, disorienting and scary, but settle down when they get into a home that is equipped to help them. If you’re an experienced dog owner and want to help this guy, you could contact the shelter and ask them to match you up with a rescue group so you can foster, or you could contact some rescues yourself.

Roxy in Front Yard 07242014

The last dog of the day is named Roxy, and she’s not available for any price. She belongs to me and Mrs. GaPundit. In some ways this dog rescue thing started fourteen years ago today, when this skinny little dog darted across the street in front of my car. I pulled over and she hopped in the car. We looked for her home for a while and decided to keep her. Today, she’s blind and a little bit slow. Vet trips are a little more regular and she eats a special diet of chicken and rice that we cook for her. But we wouldn’t trade her for anything and today we celebrate her “birthday.”

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