Rep. Rob Woodall: District Connection – Celebrating a New Generation of Leaders in Gwinnett County


Rep. Rob Woodall: District Connection – Celebrating a New Generation of Leaders in Gwinnett County

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From Congressman Rob Woodall



District Connection: Celebrating a New Generation of Leaders in Gwinnett County

Welcoming a New Generation of Leaders

Last Thursday I had the honor of speaking to the almost 300 new graduates of Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC). This graduating class is a testament to the immense growth that our region is experiencing and how important it is for Americans to strive for life-long learning. In fact, GGC’s 2,000th graduate was a life-long learner; an adult student who is also a full-time working husband and father.  The great news for us is that this commitment to education permeates our community from preschool to college, and we are all stronger for it.

Too often, when we talk about education from the federal perspective, we’re talking about mandates and funding formulas, not enhancing the learning experience or connecting what we do in the classroom to what businesses need in the workroom.  The good news is that GGC is an example of how a community can come together to build a beacon of learning that is focused on the community’s needs.

Working Together to Forge a Stronger Economic Partnership

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to address the members of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce at their yearly legislative luncheon.  The Chamber of Commerce represents a wide cross section of our local business community, from small, independent businesses with just a few employees to large multinational companies, but what they all have in common is a desire to make Gwinnett County an economic powerhouse and premier destination for jobs and investment.  

The good news that I was able to share with these business leaders is that a brand new Republican-led Senate and a more powerful Republican majority in the House will be eager to stand with our nation’s employers and hard-working taxpayers to lift unnecessary, job-killing regulations, streamline our tax code, and ensure that they are able to keep our economy moving forward.  Washington, D.C. shouldn’t be leading our economic revival, it should be supporting our community leaders in their quest to make America bettertomorrow than it is today.

Rep. Rob Woodall speaks at the 2014 Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon

(Photo Courtesy of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce)

Visiting Notre Dame Academy

Regardless of political affiliation, everyone who serves with me in Washington, D.C. is committed to serving our nation’s future generation.  Last week I had the privilege of meeting with a bright group of young second graders from Notre Dame Academy in Duluth. I can tell you with certainty that there is no better way to start your day than meeting with young people who are excited to learn about everything our nation has to offer.  I was able to share with the students my role as a servant leader in the U.S. House of Representatives and the power the American people still have over this great nation. The students were animated and engaged, and I thank Notre Dame Academy for sharing with me their core values of education through faith, knowledge, service, fitness, and technology. I am committed to serving in Washington D.C. so that our younger generations continue to have the freedom to learn.

 Rep. Rob Woodall meets with 2nd Graders at Notre Dame Academy in Duluth

Happy Holidays

Last week marked the beginning of Hanukkah, and this Thursday we will be celebrating Christmas.  These two sacred holidays remind us of how important faith, family, and community are.  There are very few occasions where the world celebrates these values together, but Hanukkah and Christmas are two of those holidays.  As we remember those less fortunate than us, those who are still living under dictatorships and regimes where they don’t have the freedom to worship as they please or the privilege to live in a country where they can count on living in peace every day, I hope that the lessons of Hanukkah and Christmas can feed our souls and remind us that it’s not gifts and glowing lights, but those core values that we all share that make us a community.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


Rob Woodall

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