Rep. Paul Broun: A Farewell


Rep. Paul Broun: A Farewell

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From Congressman Paul Broun

Paul Broun (2)

A Farewell

As we wrap up the final legislative week in the 113th Congress, I wanted to take this moment to thank my constituents for the deep honor of serving you in Congress.

Before my election in 2007, I promised you I would vet every piece of legislation by asking four simple questions. In voting on all bills, I ask: Is it right? Do we need it? Is it Constitutional? Can we afford it? If all four questions are yes, I vote yes. If one question is no, I vote no. In doing so, I have never voted for a tax increase, never voted for a debt ceiling increase, never voted for a bailout, never voted for a stimulus package, and never requested an earmark. Though it has often been a lonely fight when you are the only one saying NO to more government and more spending, it has been a necessary one. I urge new members serving in the 114th Congress to embrace this four-way test – and in doing so, they will not fall victim to the pressures of Washington.

Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats alike have built a government that’s totally out of control, and contributed to our astronomical debt that is over $18 trillion. This means that each citizen’s share of this debt is over $56,000 dollars. Washington cannot continue to spend money that we do not have. In doing so, we’re stealing from our grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s piggy banks and robbing them of their future. This must stop.

While my time in Congress has come to an end for now, I will continue to stay in the fight. I pledge to you that I will do all in my power to restore liberty in America by putting our country back on the foundational principles that have made this nation great. Those principles are limited government constrained by the enumerated powers of the Constitution, a free enterprise system unencumbered by excess government taxes and regulations, individual accountability and responsibility, and liberty and freedom.

I’m a U.S. Marine, I believe in our country and the greatness of America. I believe in the American people, and I remind them of the power they hold in shaping the direction of this country. Remember, hold accountable your representatives – make them earn your vote by sincerely embracing the values you hold dear. The strongest political force in this nation is embodied in the first three words of the Constitution – “We the People.” Through your voice – we can make effective change in Washington.

I sincerely thank you, and thank God, for the incredible opportunity I have had in serving the 10th Congressional District of Georgia. This is not the end, but the new beginning in which I will continue my efforts to serve this country.

God Bless,
Paul Broun
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