VIDEO – Rep. Doug Collins: What’s Right is Right


VIDEO – Rep. Doug Collins: What’s Right is Right

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From Congressman Doug Collins 

What’s Right is Right

Thursday afternoon, we passed H.R. 5759, the Executive Amnesty Prevention Act.  This bill would stop President Obama’s executive action granting legal status to millions of people who broke our immigration laws.

Immigration is an important issue, and this is the time for debate. This is the time for solving problems. President Obama defied the public and the process through his executive actions, and with this bill, the People’s House acted on the People’s will. There’s nothing symbolic or politically motivated about that, and the Congress the American people elected will work on a solution to our immigration problem despite President Obama’s efforts to poison the well.

I spoke about this bill on the House floor before the vote. Video of that speech is below.

We heard from a lot of you about this issue this week. Please remember, you can always contact me with your thoughts.


Doug Collins
Member of Congress

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