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As dangerous as a group of Zombies run amuck and as sneaky as Wile E Coyote, America faces the prospect of an out of control Lame Duck Congress poised to spend your money like Paris Hilton set loose on Rodeo Drive… But LIBERTY GUARD is ready to fight back!

Liberty Guard Chairman Bob Barr announces to restrain the Lame Duck session of Congress.

According to Politico, on November 5th, President Obama defiantly stated, ““I’m going to squeeze every last bit of opportunity” and “I’ll do whatever it take to make progress.”

Just picture it . . .

• Barack Obama pushes executive amnesty before the new Senate can stop him and hold him accountable.

• Harry Reid rushes through dozens of radical Obama appointees who would never see the light of day in the new Congress.

• New carbon taxes and job-killing regulations are passed.

All this blatantly flaunting the will of the American people!

Until January, these “lame ducks” still have bite.  Liberty Guard is working to stop them.

But as Bob Barr stated, “No matter who controls the levers of power in Washington, Liberty Guard and our army of 115,000 supporters has been there to fight for economic liberty, personal freedom, and smaller government and we will continue to do so.”

“That’s why we’re taking a stand right now against the Obama-Reid Lame Duck Session of Congress. Barack Obama and Harry Reid desperately want the Lame Duck Dynasty to be their legacy. In fact, their legacy is losing control of the Senate — but we need to make sure they heard the message the American people sent to them loud and clear on election day!

Support Liberty Guard by visiting and signing the petition to close down the Lame Duck session of Congress”, declared Barr.

About Liberty Guard –

Formed in 2009 by Bob Barr, and supported by over 115,000 Americans across the country, Liberty Guard is dedicated to restoring and strengthening liberty against intrusions by government at all levels; including taking action against TSA privacy intrusions and ObamaCare. Liberty Guard remains committed to identifying and supporting policy, candidates, and causes which champion liberty and return our country to constitutional principles.

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