Why Georgia didn’t turn purple | www.myajc.com


Why Georgia didn’t turn purple | www.myajc.com

“There was no energy among Democratic voters,” Republican consultant Chip Lake said. “The advantage they gained over time by demographic changes were offset by the lack of intensity and energy.”

Democrats were licking their wounds and pointing fingers late Tuesday and Wednesday.

State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, said the atmosphere in southwest Atlanta was “funereal.”

“I’ve never seen so little street activity on Election Day in my life,” he said. “Some of my biggest, hottest precincts, there was no activity, no street corner activity, no poll activity. They were running an Obama-style campaign without Obama. It’s like doing ‘Othello’ without Othello.”

Others worried that the party could be relegated to an afterthought if it ignores its once-fervent white base.

“We are struggling with people who look like me,” said state Rep. Scott Holcomb, a white Democrat who survived his own tight race. “Republicans know they have to expand their base to include minority voters. And we need to do a better job expanding ours to include white voters.”

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