Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for November 4, 2014


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for November 4, 2014

Alexander Stephens was sworn-in as Governor of Georgia on November 4, 1882; Stephens had earlier been elected Vice-President of the Confederate States of America.

Howard Carter found an entrance to the tomb of King Tutankhamen on November 4, 1922.

Georgia Governor Richard B. Russell, Jr. campaigned on behalf of Democratic candidate for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On November 4, 1980, Republican Ronald Reagan was elected President, winning 489 electoral votes to 49 for incumbent Jimmy Carter.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was elected President, becoming the first African-American elected to the position.

State School Superintendent

Later today I will walk two blocks to my voting precinct and cast my vote for the Republican ticket. I believe that Nathan Deal will be reelected and David Perdue elected to the United States Senate, in both cases without runoffs. Almost as important is our next State School Superintendent and I will cast my vote for Richard Woods, the Republican candidate.

The other incumbents on the statewide ticket – Attorney General Sam Olens, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Labor Commissioner Mark Butler, and Public Service Commissioner Herman “Doug” Everett have earned my vote for reelection.

Others in my position without children might not consider State School Superintendent important to them personally, but 37% of Georgia’s tax dollars are spent on K-12 education and it is important to me to have a good steward of our money in that position to prevent upward pressure on taxes caused by an insatiable education bureaucracy that has failed to deliver.

I believe that if the Democrat is elected, we will hear nothing but four more years of crying for more of our money and excuses for why we graduate lower percentages of students at a higher cost than every neighboring state.

I believe that continuing Governor Nathan Deal’s successful drive to bring more jobs to Georgia is among our most important tasks in the years ahead and improving our public school system is vital to our continuing success. Empowering our teachers and parents to make more decisions in the education of their children and the children entrusted to them will lead to greater success. I believe that charter schools provide needed competition and both create better public school environments and spur improvement in the traditional public schools.

These are the reasons I am voting for Richard Woods for State School Superintendent and the reasons I hope you will join me.

Last night, James Salzer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that teacher’s unions and the liberal Better Georgia have teamed up with Democrat Valarie Wilson to spend nearly $475,000 in an attempt to buy the State School Superintendent’s election. I might not worry about the teacher’s unions if I believed they represented the needs of our state’s children and of rank-and-file educators, but they have made clear that their only interests are extracting more dollars from Georgians.

Under state law, individuals, businesses and groups can contribute about $16,000 directly to candidates, including money for primary runoffs.The Georgia Federation of Teachers contributed $9,300 to Wilson. The American Federation of Teachers gave $2,000, and the Georgia Association of Educators $6,300, according to disclosure records.

But Wilson is also benefiting from money contributed to Better Georgia and then used for advertising and phone calls on the candidate’s behalf.

Like a lot of groups with a point of view, Better Georgia is registered as an “independent committee,” meaning it doesn’t have to disclose all its donors.

However, the group has disclosed getting $134,000 this year from the Georgia Association of Educators and $70,000 from the American Federation of Teachers. In turn, the group reported spending about $204,000 on media buys and phone calls to support Wilson.

GAE most recently sank $70,000 into the Wilson campaign, through Better Georgia, last week.

Richard Woods is leading in the polls, but the number one threat to his election as State School Superintendent is voters who cast their ballots for Nathan Deal for Governor and David Perdue for United States Senate and walk away from the rest of the ballot. Don’t let the people who don’t care enough to vote determine who the next State School Superintendent is.

Predictions: Governor and United States Senate

At the end of the polling for 2010, the RealClearPolitics average showed Nathan Deal at 48.0% and he took 52.9%.

RCP Deal Barnes


Today, the RCP average shows Gov. Deal at 48.0% and I predict he’ll win tomorrow without a runoff.


RCP Deal Carter

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