Don Cole: Minimum Wage Increase Will Result in More Outsourcing


Don Cole: Minimum Wage Increase Will Result in More Outsourcing

A Guest Column from Don Cole:

At last night’s debate, Michelle Nunn continued to avoid answering questions directly. At every opportunity she turned her answer to repeated attacks on David Perdue.

She refused to express any sense of disdain, disappointment, or even disagreement with the Georgia Democrat party for the hate-filled and divisive racial flyer sent to black families across Georgia. The flyer depicted little children in Ferguson, Missouri holding signs saying, “Don’t Shoot Me.”

Instead she said that we should have a conversation. Listening to Michelle Nunn in all of the debates reminded me of a group of ivory tower PhD Philosophy students. She liberally weaved phrases like, “have a conversation”, “more collaboration”, “bi-partisanship” into every answer.

At every opportunity, David Perdue clearly and pointedly reminded her that it is Harry Reid, and the Democrats who are holding bills and not showing any bi-partisanship. It is Harry Reid that is refusing to have the conversations.

Michelle Nunn never answered the question as to whether or not she would vote for Harry Reid as her party’s leader. Harry Reid is not up for re-election. There is no talk of anyone else being considered by Democrats in the Senate. By her refusing to simply answer the question, Georgians know that Harry Reid has her vote.

Michelle Nunn finally took a clear position on an issue that would impact the average Georgian. She is strongly in favor of increasing the minimum wage.

Earlier in the debate, candidates were asked what they would say to the small business owner or the person who is out of work. When Michelle Nunn said that we needed to increase the federal minimum wage, David Perdue asked her to choose which employee she was going to let go because of mandating an increase in the minimum wage.

David Perdue showed common sense in his response. Place additional burden and cost on a business and something has to go. Somehow that cost will be shifted. It doesn’t take a PhD to understand that, but ironically, it seems that the PhD’s are often the ones who don’t understand it.

Arbitrarily and artificially raise the cost of labor and that cost will be shifted. One way that it will be shifted is by finding other ways to do the job. It may be a kiosk to take your order at McDonald’s instead of a part time high school student. It may be an entire plant closed and operations moved to Mexico, India, or China.

Michelle Nunn represents the high-minded liberal thinker who views government as the solution to the problem. As Ronald Regan said, government IS the problem.

The matter of minimum wage is best addressed at the individual level. Most people in a minimum wage job do not plan to say in that job and will not stay at that level. Most people will take the starting level job as just that, a starting level job and will learn, apply themselves, and in a relatively short time will be above minimum wage.

Anyone who feels that it takes the government to force others to pay them more is on a hopeless track of depending on the government. The choice to get off that track lies with the individual.

Georgians have a choice that is as clear and defined as it could ever be. Michelle Nunn offers the same of what we have had. David Perdue offers common sense and an understanding of the way our economy works best with less government, more freedom, and more prosperity.

Voting in this election is a must. No one else can do this for you. You must vote. This is not one of those things where anyone can abstain from voting and say “whatever the majority wants is fine with me.” What Barack Obama and Harry Reid want is massive government control and taking your rights. That is not fine.

I am encouraging everyone to go ahead and vote early. Why vote early? There are several good reasons to vote early. The most important reason is that there is no question that this is a critical election and your vote is needed.

You never know what might come up that could keep you away from voting on election day. There are any number of things that could come up from car trouble to having to be out of town on an unplanned trip at the last minute to simply getting so busy on election day that it slips your mind.

Do you know someone who needs an absentee ballot? Help them get it by clicking on the link below:

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Print and mail or fax to your Elections Office:

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I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts. Please forward these to your friends and share on Facebook. Also, let me hear from you – you can email me directly at –  I always enjoy hearing back from you and I try to respond when you take the time to write me.
Donald E. Cole
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