Rick Allen represents the real deal | The Augusta Chronicle


Rick Allen represents the real deal | The Augusta Chronicle

In fact, he’s sometimes contradicted himself to keep up that façade: As exposed in 2010 by the Savannah Morning News – which actually had endorsed Barrow – Barrow unbelievably and shamelessly assured urban audiences he was working “hand in glove” with President Obama, and even featured an ad of Obama endorsing him; meanwhile, a Barrow mailer sent to more rural constituents bragged that he “stood up to (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington.”

Not only did he want it both ways, he got it.

In contrast, voters this election have the chance to vote for someone who really does resemble the district – in his life story, his authenticity, his work ethic, his values and his deeply held views on the issues of the day.

Rick Allen, in short, is the real deal.

He’s a wildly successful businessman whose dealings are rife with integrity. He’s a family man of abiding faith – and wears it on his sleeve. He has roots here as deep as an oak, and his reputation stands as tall as a Georgia pine.

Most importantly, Rick Allen will vote the way the vast majority of the district wants – against big government and its takeover of your health care; for fiscal sanity and a balanced budget; for a strong and unmistakable defense of this country; for your individual rights, including the Second Amendment; in the interests of American agriculture; for energy independence; for a secure border and a vibrant immigration system that is legal and lawful; for local control and freedom of education, and more.

This also is a man who not only has built things, but created untold jobs and economic vitality in the process. Maybe he could show Washington how it’s done: in spite of them!

Yes, Rick Allen, you built that.

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