Latino vote may be deciding factor in tight Georgia Senate race | Fox News Latino


Latino vote may be deciding factor in tight Georgia Senate race | Fox News Latino

“The poll is garbage,” said Barreto, a professor of political science at the University of Washington and co-founder of the polling and research firm Latino Decisions.

Barreto told Fox News Latino that Survey USA’s sample size of Hispanic voters is only 7 percent, which equals about 38 Latino voters out of the entire 550 likely voters in the survey.

Barreto said Georgia’s Latino population is over 900,000, and a sample size of only 38 people is “not appropriate for estimating Latino vote preference in Georgia.

The margin of error for the Hispanic sub-sample group in the Survey USA poll is plus or minus 16 percent, according to Barreto.

But Georgia Republican strategist Todd Rehm defended the poll.

“When you start looking at sub-groups, you got to keep an eye on the fact that as the number of respondents goes down, your margin of error goes up,” said Rehm said.

But the political parties say they are not worried about polling data, they are just focusing on making sure they adequately reach out to minority groups.

“Regardless of what one poll may show—just as they have in previous elections—Latinos will play a key role in this election in helping to spread the word of the shared priorities between the Democratic Party and their community,” said Rebecca DeHart, executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Republican Party officials say they have 17 field offices in the state, over 40 full-time staffers, and nearly a thousand grassroots leaders organizing in neighborhoods and communities around the state. But, they said, they are not concentrating on one group.

“Every people group – no matter how large or small – will impact the results of this election,” said Ryan Matthew Mahoney, a spokesman for the Georgia Republican Party. “For that reason, the Georgia Republican Party continues to engage with traditional Republican voters as well as African American, Latino/Hispanic, and Asian voters in Georgia.”

The increasing Latino and Hispanic population numbers does not necessarily mean more of them will show up at the polls on Election Day.

“Despite the fact that the Census data reports the Hispanic population growing pretty quickly, that hasn’t necessarily translated into strong showing at the polls as far as we can tell, Rehm said. “If you look at the Secretary of State’s numbers, it has hovered around 2 percent of the electorate in the last several general elections.”

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