David Perdue: Raises $4.82 Million In Third Quarter


David Perdue: Raises $4.82 Million In Third Quarter

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David Perdue

David Perdue Raises $4.82 Million In Third Quarter

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate David Perdue’s campaign announced it raised $4.82 million in a massive third quarter haul. In the last full quarter before the November election, Perdue raised more than his Democratic opponent, despite her fundraising network of liberal politicians, celebrities, and outside groups across the country.

Commenting on Perdue’s impressive fundraising, spokeswoman Megan Whittemore said, “This surge of support shows that Georgians are united behind David Perdue and excited to elect him to the United States Senate. They are giving generously to the campaign because they know that David is the right person to grow our economy and tackle our debt crisis. Their continued support is a sign of David’s growing momentum in this race.

“David impressively outraised Michelle Nunn because his message of real change in Washington is resonating with Georgians. Michelle Nunn made it a campaign goal to ‘prioritize fundraising above all else’ with backing from liberal groups like EMILY’s List, Hollywood celebrities, and Michael Bloomberg. However, through the generous efforts of our contributors, grassroots supporters, and volunteers throughout the state, David Perdue will make sure that Barack Obama and Harry Reid do not have one more vote in the United States Senate.”

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