Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for October 7, 2014


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for October 7, 2014

King George, III issued the Proclamation of 1763 on October 7, 1763.

With respect to Georgia’s official boundaries, the proclamation expanded Georgia’s southern boundary by giving the colony all lands between the Altamaha and St. Marys rivers. Previously, the Altamaha had served as Georgia’s southern boundary.

So, the impact of the Proclamation of 1763 was to set Georgia’s official southern boundary as the St. Marys River from its mouth to the headwaters, then north to the Altamaha River, then north to the headwaters of that river, and then westward to the Mississippi River. Georgia’s northern boundary was the Savannah River from its mouth to its headwaters.


Patriot militia defeated Loyalists at the Battle of King’s Mountain in North Carolina, near the South Carolina border on October 7, 1780.

On October 7, 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College in the most-one-sided college football game in history, by a score of 222-0.

The Engineers led 63–0 after the first quarter and 126–0 at halftime. Tech added 54 more points in the third quarter and 42 in the final period.

Tech Cumberland Scoreboard Tech Cumberland Ball

Recently, a Georgia Tech alumnus paid $44,388 for the game ball with the intention of donating it to the trade school.

The Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) was created by the Soviets on October 7, 1949.

Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Vice President Richard Nixon met in the second televised Presidential debate on October 7, 1960.

President Richard Nixon proposed a structure for peace and eventual withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam on October 7, 1970.

President George W. Bush (43) announced military action in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001.

In a televised address that evening, Bush informed the American public that “carefully targeted actions” were being carried out to crush the military capability of al-Qaida and the Taliban, with help from British, Canadian, Australian, German and French troops. An additional 40 nations around the world provided intelligence, as well as bases from which the operations were conducted.

Bush touted the multinational effort as proof that America, in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, was “supported by the collective will of the world.” He also warned that the war in Afghanistan would likely be only the first front in a long struggle against terrorism. He vowed to continue to take what he called the “war on terror” to those countries that sponsored, harbored or trained terrorists.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California on October 7, 2003.

Woods Debate

In addition the the televised debate, the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics will host a debate between Republican Richard Woods and Democrat Valarie Wilson at their annual meeting, Thursday, Oct 16 beginning at 11 am.  Each candidate will each speak as well as answer questions from the GCTM membership.  The forum is open to the public and will be held in the Talmadge Auditorium of the Rock Eagle 4-H Center, 350 Rock Eagle Rd, Eatonton, GA.  For further information contact GCTM President Dan Funsch, [email protected].

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Tom Owens: A Loose Cannon in DeKalb District One

Tom Owens is a candidate for DeKalb County Commission District One, claiming to be a Republican and a responsible citizen. George Chidi has written about Tom Owens’s questionable background over at Peach Pundit. It severely undermines the candidate’s credibility and leads one to question his ability to serve in office.

The 62-year-old Vietnam veteran and anti-immigration activist has a years-long history of legal trouble tied to harassment of political figures, acquaintances and romantic targets. He pleaded no contest to a stalking charge in Forsyth County, with a note in the documentation tying his behavior to mental health issues. At least three people have obtained restraining orders against him in the last eight years, the most recent of which expired this year.

One target of his harassment met me at the door of his home with a gun in hand at the mere mention of Owens’ name.

Owens’ apparent ex-fiancee sued him a few years ago, alleging that he financially abandoned their child in 1995. She told me she dropped the suit in part because he continually ducked service of the subpoena, in part because she was too broke to keep chasing him, and in part because she believed he was probably too broke to cover his obligations in any case. Questions of paternity can be fraught, of course. But given Owens’ stated rationale for his candidacy — integrity — I think this is fair game.

Owens also remains in a long-running legal dispute with a mosque built on property behind his house in Doraville. Filings by the Al Maad Al Islami mosque allege that Owens threatened to kill their imam.

Meanwhile, the head of a Christian religious charity found herself filing a police report less than five months ago, complaining that Owens had come to her to her thrift shop to berate her for her insufficient hate toward African Muslims … spitting on the shop doors while he was at it.

Owens briefly dated Debra Davis of Cumming in early 2006, according to court records. When she broke it off after a couple of dates, Owens began harassing her at home and at work, jogging by her house, claiming that he was moving into the neighborhood, multiple calls at work, then an email saying he would send a letter to her employers. Davis told the sheriff’s office in October 2006 that the harassment had begun in April.

Two weeks after she brought a complaint to police, Owens called her at work, ignoring her request to be left alone. Davis had a friend listen in, according to court records. Davis instructed Owens not to call, email or come by her home, then asked if he understood. No response. He then told her not to “underestimate his power,” according to her complaint. “I cut him off and asked if he was threatening me. He hung up.”

Forsyth County deputies arrested him two days later and charged him with stalking. He pleaded no contest and entered a diversion program, ordered to stay away from Davis and complete 30 days of community service at a nonprofit. The Forsyth County State Diversion form has a big black X marking the line “Mental Health issues involved,” recommending “cognitive skills counseling.”

Polling Report

On Friday, Rasmussen released new numbers on the Senate race:

David Perdue(R)……….46%
Michelle Nunn (D)…….42%
Someone else……………..3%

And yesterday they released numbers for the Gubernatorial race:

Nathan Deal(R)……….49%
Jason Carter(D)………43%
Someone else……………2%

The poll was conducted by robopoll, sample was 1000 “likely voters” and margin of error is +/-3 points at the 95% confidence level. African-Americans composed 26% of respondents.

Here’s some additional information from Rasmussen:

Only 29% of all Georgia voters believe there really is a political “war on women” going on, although that compares to 22% nationwide. Fifty-five percent (55%) think it is simply a slogan used for political purposes. Another 17% are not sure.

Eighty-two percent (82%) of voters who think the “war on women” is real support Nunn, while 73% of those in the much larger group who think it’s nothing more than a political slogan back Perdue.

Just 39% of Georgia voters have a favorable opinion of the new national health care law, while 57% view it unfavorably. This includes 20% with a Very Favorable view and 46% with a Very Unfavorable one. Georgia voters are more critical of Obamacare than voters nationally. and the New York Time/CBS News released their third wave of online poll results for the Senate race:

David Perdue(R)……….44%
Michelle Nunn (D)…….40%
Amanda Swafford (L)….2%

In the Gubernatorial race, YouGov et al find:

Nathan Deal(R)……….45%
Jason Carter(D)………38%
Andrew Hunt (L)……….4%

African-Americans are weighted to 27.7% of respondents in the YouGov poll.

For the sake of comparison, here are two aggregate models. First is Huffington Pollster:


David Perdue(R)……….45.9%
Michelle Nunn (D)…….41.6%
Amanda Swafford (L)….4.0%


Nathan Deal(R)……….47.8%
Jason Carter(D)………42.2%
Andrew Hunt (L)……….4.7%

And here are the numbers from Real Clear Politics:


David Perdue(R)……….46.6%
Michelle Nunn (D)…….43.3%


Nathan Deal(R)……….45.7%
Jason Carter(D)………43.7%

Senate Debate Tonight

Tonight, the candidates for Senate meet in a debate in Perry, Georgia. Plenty of Republicans and Democrats will be there. If you want a ride to the show, contact either major party’s senate campaign, or your local county party.

Channel 13 WMAZ will air the debate and stream it live online.

There will be an hour-long Senate debate among Republican David Perdue, Democrat Michelle Nunn and Libertarian Amanda Swafford.

Following that, there will be a debate among the candidates for Governor: Democrat Jason Carter, Republican incumbent Nathan Deal, and Libertarian Andrew Hunt.

Frank Malloy will moderate, with questions from a panel of journalists including 13WMAZ’s Randall Savage.

Don Cole has written an excellent piece on “What to expect at tonight’s debate.”

The Democrat strategy in the debates is predictable. They will play class warfare. Michelle Nunn will attempt to paint David Perdue as a greed-driven Simon Legree delighting in throwing people out of work.

There is an important reason for this strategy. The strategic plan laid out by the Democrats spells it out and it can be seen in the commercials run by the Nunn campaign. The strategic plan for Nunn is to: “Persuade 100K likely of year white voters to grow to 570K white support or 30 percent white support with added young whites.” (Strategic Memo to Michelle Nunn from Feldman Group – December 9, 2013)

The Nunn campaign commercials present white middle age to senior citizens with their stories of being wronged in some way. David Perdue is presented as the villain. The purpose of the commercial is to stir feelings of anger and resentment leading to a vote against the wealthy CEO who callously hurt all these poor people.

It is hypocritical because Michelle Nunn, as CEO of a non-profit foundation, saw her salary skyrocket while at the same time laying off hundreds of low wage earners. The simple truth is that both CEO’s had to deal with the economic realities of the organizations they ran.

Tonight in the debates, you will hear Michelle Nunn focus her attention on blaming David Perdue. You will hear Jason Carter focus his attention on blaming Nathan Deal. In trying to drag these two men down, the Democrats, in reality, drag everyone down.

You will hear David Perdue and Nathan Deal focus their attention on building up and believing in the people. Their focus will be on freedom, achievement, creating jobs, and getting the government off our backs so that we can pursue the American dream.

Let me close with a call to action. We can get our nation back on track. You must vote. Early voting starts one week from today. Will you commit to vote early? If you will commit to vote early or by absentee, will you just reply to this e-mail and let me know?

I’m not asking for money. (Plenty of others are doing that already). I am asking for a simple commitment. “Yes, I will vote early.”

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