Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: The Overdue Resignation of Eric Holder


Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: The Overdue Resignation of Eric Holder

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From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland 

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 The Overdue Resignation of Eric Holder

On September 25th, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder officially announced his resignation. Holder’s job as attorney general was to serve as the country’s highest lawyer, and instead he squandered the opportunity and played petty politics.

Lawmakers, like me, have been calling for his resignation for years now. Holder has a pattern of failing to enforce the constitution. Instead, he chooses when he wants to implement the law and which cases he wants to take seriously. This was clear when Holder took a back seat and did not aggressively investigate the administration’s largest scandals, like Fast and Furious and the IRS targeting.

When the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee began looking into the scandals, Holder obstructed the investigation and failed to produce documents subpoenaed by the committee.  After months of Holder’s stonewalling, I joined my colleagues in calling for Holder’s impeachment. In the 112th Congress, I voted for both H.Res. 711 and H.Res. 706 that not only held Holder in Contempt of Congress, but also allowed for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to bring Holder to court on civil charges. It was a disgrace that our top law enforcement official refused to do all he could to get to the bottom of these scandals.

With Holder’s resignation, President Obama must not rush the nomination process for the next attorney general. President Obama must allow for the Senate to properly debate and vet the nominee so that the Department of Justice can have a non-partisan Attorney General. The American people deserve a fair and honest leader: One that they will trust to uphold the U.S. Constitution and our country’s laws above all else.

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