GA 12 – Rick Allen: Rep. John Barrow Lies to Georgians Again


GA 12 – Rick Allen: Rep. John Barrow Lies to Georgians Again

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Barrow Lies to Georgians Again

– Ducks Proposed Debates and Tries to Blame Allen –

John Barrow sent out a press release today accusing Rick Allen of not wanting to debate him. In the same release, Barrow’s spokesman acknowledges that of the five debates Allen’s campaign has proposed, Barrow has rejected all of them.

The facts of the Islamic Center forum Barrow is very keen on attending are this: the Columbia County News Times that was co-sponsoring the forum has withdrawn from the arrangement and is trying to establish its own event. Allen, for his part, has not withdrawn from anything.

“It is interesting that the only two standing shoulder to shoulder on this topic are John Barrow and a Muslim cleric who are attacking Rick Allen together,” said Allen spokesman Dan McLagan. “Barrow’s obviously close association with the head of the Islamic Center is his affair but it does make this a suspect venue for us. All of our contact has been with the News-Times and we would be happy to continue our conversations with them.”

In the meantime, Mr. Barrow remains silent on the five debates Allen’s campaign has been attempting to get him to agree to.

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