GA GOP: Jason Carter’s Plan to Fund Education in Georgia


GA GOP: Jason Carter’s Plan to Fund Education in Georgia

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From The Georgia Republican Party


For months, liberal gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter has stated that if elected, he would add $1 billion to Georgia’s education budget.  His bold policy initiative drew the attention of many in the media but he refused to elaborate on where the additional funding would come from – taxes or cuts.

Last week, Jason Carter finally came out of hiding to declare that the additional billion dollars for education will come from cutting the “giant amount of waste” in state government.

Here’s a list of the programs and waste that Carter plans to eliminate if elected this fall:

You read that right.  Carter has failed to offer up any specifics.
Intentionally short on details, Jason Carter has made it abundantly clear that he intends to move Georgia forward with fiery rhetoric and baseless, empty promises. As we have seen in Washington, this type of “leadership” is simply a recipe for disaster.
Join us as we work to defeat Carter and re-elect Governor Nathan Deal.  Together, we can ensure that Georgia’s brightest days are always ahead.


John Padgett
Chairman, Georgia Republican Party

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