GOP’s Perdue, Allen linking opponents to ‘failed policies’


GOP’s Perdue, Allen linking opponents to ‘failed policies’

Perdue and Allen obviously have something in common: decades of experience operating businesses, no experience in government, and therefore “outsider” status.
“We have business backgrounds and the priorities in Georgia right now are the debt and the economy and jobs, and so he and I have had several conversations and his stands on those are very similar to mine,” Perdue told reporters in Statesboro.

Another thing they seem likely to share from now to November is a tactic of linking their opponents with national Democratic Party leaders — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and President Barack Obama — whose names are spoken as anathema in Georgia Republican circles.

“We see the failed policies of this administration as being the centerpiece of this debate, and right now in this district we need to present the fact to the people that his opponent is another supporting voice of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama,” Perdue said, making the charge against Barrow on Allen’s behalf.

Returning the endorsement, Allen noted that his “outsider” talk sometimes sounds like Perdue’s.

“Obviously I have not served in public office, and so I’m an outsider,” Allen said. “I know you’ve probably heard that from our next senator for the great state of Georgia, but yes, I’m a businessman, I’m not a politician. I’ve created jobs, I’ve grown the economy, I’ve balanced budgets, and the politicians in Washington can’t seem to do either. It’s time to change. The country is ready for it.”

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