Gov. Nathan Deal: Carter using the exact same playbook as Nunn


Gov. Nathan Deal: Carter using the exact same playbook as Nunn

Your Georgia Desk:

Carter using the exact same playbook as Nunn

From Governor Nathan Deal:

Yesterday’s Michelle Nunn memo leak suggests she shares a strategy ghost writer with Senator Jason Carter.

“Nunn and Carter are running on a shared platform of ‘Hey, Look At My Last Name and Don’t Ask Any Questions,’ said Deal for Governor spokesperson Jen Talaber. “As ticket mates and experts in ‘Dodge, Duck, and Redirect’ political communications, the Nunn and Carter camps share joint custody of the campaign playbook. “When it comes to talking about serious issues, they would just rather not. They can’t tell the truth about their liberal positions and liberal records, so they contort, twist and turn more than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat.

“The Nunn memo makes an observation that should win the ‘Pointing Out the Obvious Award’: ‘There will emerge issues on which the candidate will have to comment or take a position.’ Yet Senator Carter doesn’t seem to take this basic advice seriously. He can’t take a stand because on every major issue he has to choose between alienating his liberal Democratic base or the more conservative independents all statewide candidates need to win. On issue after issue, Carter tries to have it both ways. Georgians won’t fall for it.”

  • Obamacare: In 2011, when he was still new to representing one of the most liberal state Senate districts, he was pretty darn excited about Obamacare:


  • But when he started running for statewide office, unbridled enthusiasm for Obamacare wasn’t going to cut it. He now admits the law is “a mess,” but tries to have it both ways by supporting the “Arkansas model” hoping no one points out that his plan for Medicaid expansion is even more expensive than Obama’s.
  • Tax hikes: Carter says he won’t raise your taxes…right now. He voted for the amendment to cap state income taxes, but tried to have it both ways by missing the vote on final passage after the state Democratic Party chair said that Democrats who voted for it had “lost their dadgum minds.”
  • Second Amendment: Carter wants it both ways on guns. Carter voted for H.B. 60 to appeal to conservatives but openly admits he “talks about other issues” when confronted by opponents of the bill.
  • Cutting wasteful spending: Carter calls himself a “fiscal conservative,” but tries to have it both ways by calling for major new spending in education and Medicaid without ever detailing ONE significant cut to state government that he would advocate.
  • Charter schools: Carter sided with unions over parents and students when he voted against the charter school amendment (which passed handily in his own county), but tries to have it both ways by saying he supports charter schools.
  • Unaccompanied minors in Georgia: Carter knows he can’t tell the truth about how the president’s failed immigration policies have put these children in terrible danger. His silenceon the humanitarian crisis that is directly affecting the governance of this state is deafening. He tries to have it both ways by redirecting the issue to the governor’s support in Congress for a bill to stop child sex trafficking. This issue is about smuggling children, not trafficking, and this crisis was caused because the president’s executive orders have sent a clear message to other countries that the United States won’t enforce its immigration laws.
  • Education: Carter supported Gov. Deal’s conservative budgets that increased education funding every year, but now tries to have it both ways by attacking Gov. Deal for the budgets he supported.
  • “Proudly squirms” over grandfather’s support: Carter refuses to say if he agrees with hisgrandfather’s position that Israel should pull its troops out of Gaza, even as Hamas has broken one ceasefire after another. Carter doesn’t want to be associated with his grandfather’s unpopular views in Georgia, but he wants it both ways by using the former president to fund-raise among liberals in his Washington, New York, Hollywood and his hometown, Chicago.


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