Note from Don Cole: a very good point


Note from Don Cole: a very good point

I have sensed this growing distrust for established institutions for some time. You see it in churches that start up and do not openly affiliate with any particular denomination. You see it with the rise of the Tea Party Movement.

David Perdue came along to fill a unique political need. He holds values and a philosophy that more clearly identifies with Tea Party and independent conservatives. He is well spoken. He has a strong business background. He has a grasp of what makes our system work. He has personal resources, that he was willing to invest in a cause for which he believed.

He ran, not in order to get power, prestige, or position – but because he felt a calling to run. He ran a campaign as an outsider, going to Washington, not infected with years of inside the beltway thinking.

Most politicians in Georgia went with the safe bet, a sitting congressman. That is understandable.

With all that background, I’ll conclude the 2nd point with this observation. Those who have been involved in Republican politics for some time, were hearing each other to a large degree.

Many of those who voted in this primary have not been involved with politics. They did not get involved because of the Republican Party, they got involved because of David Perdue and his message. There is a growing distrust of Congress and that was a ball and chain from which Jack Kingston could not escape.

Score cards from lobbying groups giving A and A+ ratings were irrelevant. When the US Chamber of Commerce spent millions for Kingston, it only helped cement the idea that Washington was out of touch.

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