Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 14, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 14, 2014


Spangle is a female Pit Bill mix who came in just before the Independence Day holiday wearing this flag bandanna. Most likely, she escaped in panic after hearing fireworks. She may be pregnant and is likely to be euthanized at the Clayton County Animal Shelter. You may donate online specifically for Spangle, or better yet, adopt or foster her.


Uno is a sweet and beautiful young Pit mix who is available for adoption or foster at Clayton County Animal Shelter. He also has his own online Fundrazr for online donations that will help pay his vetting costs so that a rescue can take him.


Uno also makes an appearance photobombing this shot of Peg, a sweet female Pit who is scheduled to be euthanized at the Clayton County Animal Shelter – she’s already received a reprieve once. If you can’t adopt or foster, you may donate online to Peg’s Fundrazr.



Douglas is a handsome young male Pit Bull whose previous owner went to the trouble of putting him in a harness, which he still wears. Douglas is available for adoption or foster from Clayton County Animal Shelter, or you may donate online to his vetting fund.


Action is a sweet young Boxer or Pit mix who waggles his entire butt when someone looks at him and appears to be happy with other dogs. He will be euthanized tomorrow if not spoken for before then. You may donate online to save Action.


Duke is a striking-looking mix of retriever and maybe Vizsla? He’s friendly, sweet and fully-funded for his vetting, all he needs is a permanent or foster home.



Trucker is a good-looking Hound dog mix who is friendly and his vetting is fully-funded, but he desperately needs a foster or adoptive home. Trucker is available from Clayton County Animal Shelter.



Wilkerson is a friendly and easy-going Hound dog mix with the temperament to be a great family pet – really all hounds are like this, it’s in their breeding. His vetting will be paid for if a rescue can give him a home – to help him, all you need to do is foster or adopt.


Last week, Clayton County euthanized 13 dogs to provide space for more who came in. Despite having $4.1 million set aside for a new shelter since 2009, construction has not begun.

According to Jeff Turner, chairman of the Clayton County Commission, building a new shelter has been a top priority of his since taking office in December 2012. “For whatever reason, and I’m not going to second-guess the previous administration, this project was not done,” he said.

Turner said the previous administration designated the land next to the current shelter for the new facility. However, this year the county discovered that site is on a landfill. “After doing that study, it was clear that would be cost-prohibitive for us to build the shelter at that location.”

Turner said the county is now surveying land in Ellenwood near the location of a future police precinct. Those survey results are expected in two weeks. Once the commission gives the project the go-ahead, he said it would take another 12-18 months for construction.

Any licensed rescue group can save a dog (or cat) from Clayton County, and many of the dogs have full vetting funds to help the rescue groups. If you have a rescue group you have worked for, maybe ask them to take a look at some of these beauties who are so desperate in Clayton County.

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