Cherokee Tribune – Local lodges new ethics complaints against candidate


Cherokee Tribune – Local lodges new ethics complaints against candidate

A Canton resident is filing ethics complaints against Carolyn Cosby, a Ball Ground resident planning to run as an independent candidate against Cherokee Commission Chairman Buzz Ahrens in November.

Garrett Jamieson said he mailed complaints to the state ethics commission Monday, contending Cosby has violated Georgia campaign law by not registering the Canton T.E.A. Party or Georgians for Healthcare Freedom as political committees.

Jamieson alleges in the complaints each group collects money and spends it on their causes, making them subject to state ethics law requiring such organizations to be registered with the ethics commission and report financials. According to state law, groups using money to affect the outcome of an election — whether it is related to a candidate, referendum, recall or ballot question — must register as a committee and file financial disclosures.

Cosby, a 63-year-old Maine native and longtime critic of Cherokee government, said neither group has any reason to report to the state ethics commission. She said the complaints show her political opponents are “fishing” for something against her.

“They’re looking for something, but there’s nothing to be found,” said Cosby, who must turn in the signatures of nearly 6,000 registered county voters to elections officials by July 8 to make it on the ballot. “I’ve been waiting for them to make complaints. I knew they were going to. Anybody can make an accusation. These are unfounded accusations. They’re on a fishing expedition. They’re hoping to find some infraction; that’s all this is about.”

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