GA 11 – Bob Barr Congress: Endorsed By The Conservative Caucus PAC


GA 11 – Bob Barr Congress: Endorsed By The Conservative Caucus PAC

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From Bob Barr Congress

The Conservative Caucus PAC Endorses Bob Barr for Congress
Bob Barr – A Proven Track Record for Conservatives

“The Conservative Caucus PAC is proud to endorse Bob Barr in the GOP Primary in Georgia’s 11th congressional district. We know Bob Barr to be a tested and trusted conservative leader. Conservatives trust Bob Barr because of his record of accomplishments in Congress. He has stared down the Clinton Administration and held them accountable and we know he will do the same to the Obama Administration and their liberal allies in Congress. It is important that conservatives in Georgia pick the conservative who will do more than just vote the right way; we need Bob Barr, because he, and he alone, has a proven track record of moving our conservative agenda forward,” stated Peter J. Thomas Chairman,The Conservative Caucus PAC.

“I am pleased to accept the endorsement from my friends at the Conservative Caucus PAC.  Since 1974 the Conservative Caucus has been mobilizing conservative strength at the state and Congressional district level and working alongside conservatives in Congress on important issues such as the Kemp-Roth tax cuts signed into law by President Reagan, the Secure Borders Coalition, which was instrumental in blocking amnesty for illegal aliens, and a certain Congressional Impeachment Inquiry which resulted in the historic vote in the House to impeach President Clinton,” said Bob Barr.

The Conservative Caucus PAC joins a growing list of conservatives and conservative organizations endorsing and supporting Bob Barr for Congress.  Momentum is moving with Bob Barr as he remains positive and focused on advancing the Reagan Agenda while opposing the Obama Agenda.


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