Rep. Tom Price: A Host of Challenges With Common Sense Solutions


Rep. Tom Price: A Host of Challenges With Common Sense Solutions

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From Congressman Tom Price

This past Monday was Tax Freedom Day – the day when the American people have collectively earned enough money to cover the nation’s total tax bill for the calendar year. This year’s Tax Freedom Day, April 21st arrived three days later than last year.

Right now, we have a tax code that is too long, too complicated and which punishes hard work and success. Like so many other things coming out of Washington, it is a deterrent to economic growth and job creation. Back on April 15th, Tax Day, I chatted with Radio America’s Greg Corombos about this challenge and those positive solutions – like the Fair Tax – we ought to be pursuing.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.

On the House Ways and Means Committee, I’ve been working with my colleagues to reform our tax code so it is simpler and fairer, so that it encourages and rewards hard work and entrepreneurship. Remaking our tax code is essential, and it is an important complement to other ongoing efforts to enact common sense policies like a balanced budget, greater American energy development, a health care system that empowers patients, repairs to our social safety-net and a strong national defense.

As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, for the past two weeks I’ve spent time traveling in the Sixth District– meeting with individuals and businesses that are making a difference in our communities. Our discussions have focused on a range of issues – including a few of those listed above – but all with the shared goal of helping America’s economy grow, more Americans find good-paying jobs and financial security for themselves and their families. As the House of Representatives reconvenes this week, I look forward to continuing that fight for positive solutions to all the challenges we face.

Rx Drug Abuse Summit

This past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in a bipartisan congressional panel at the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit – an annual event focused on raising awareness and fighting back against prescription drug abuse. An epidemic such as this really takes a team effort to raise awareness, transparency and oversight and to prosecute those who traffic prescription drugs and prey on those addicted to them. As a physician, I know firsthand both the benefit of prescription drugs to those who need them and the terrible threat and consequence of abuse. I’m grateful to have been able to play a part in these efforts, and I commend my colleagues and all those involved in the summit for their tireless efforts to affect positive change in our communities.

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