Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 24, 2014


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for April 24, 2014


Manny is a sweet young Hound mix male who loves people and kind of dances when he gets to meet someone. Click here to see a video of Manny tap-dancing. He is running out of time and needs an adoptive or foster home as soon as possible. He is available from the Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder.


Reeces is a sweet little female Lab mix puppy, 3-5 months old. She is available for adoption from the Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga. She is also pictured below with her sister Skittles, who is also available for adoption.


Below are Sugar, Skittles, and Reeces (left to right).


Buddy Poochy

Buddy and Poochy need a ride from the Winder area to just outside Chattanooga. It seems like a fun way to spend a couple hours and you’ll save them from the shelter. If you’re interested in helping these two, email [email protected].

Yesterday, 31 readers joined me in donating toward the care of Jasper, a young pup who was adopted from a shelter and whose family learned he had heartworms but couldn’t afford the treatment. Here’s what Jasper looks like with two of the three kids in his family.

Jasper with his kids

I connected with his dad yesterday on Facebook and the family is truly humbled and thankful for your assistance.

Jasper bed

By the middle of the afternoon yesterday, I called the veterinarian in Jefferson, Georgia and paid $500 toward Jasper’s care and was told that, plus other donations was enough to pay for his heartworm treatment. It was awesome and I personally thank everyone who gave.

Donations totaled $933 so far. Here’s what I’m inclined to do, and if you were among the donors, I’d like your input. First, anyone who donated is entitled to a refund, just let me know, no questions asked. Second, I’d like to pay for 12 months worth of hearworm preventive for Jasper to take after his treatment. I’m going to guess that will cost about $200, but I’ll check with the vet today. Then, I would like to donate the remainder to a dog rescue called Dixie Dog Rescue in Valdosta, Georgia. They’re a small, shoestring operation operated by one person and her support network and they serve an area underserved by dog rescues. I know them personally and think they do great work.

But it’s not my money, so if you’re a donor, please let me know if you agree with that course of action, if you’d like a refund (first come-first served, limited to donations over the actual expenditure to the vet), or if you think there’s somewhere better to donate the remainder.

In the interest of full disclosure, you can see (1) the receipt for $500 to the vet in Jefferson; (2) page one of donors with individuals’ names obscured; and (3) page two of the donors with names protected.

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