Sen. Ross Tolleson: Applauds the Signing of Jekyll Island Legislation


Sen. Ross Tolleson: Applauds the Signing of Jekyll Island Legislation

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Sen. Tolleson Applauds the Signing of Jekyll Island Legislation

Sen. Ross Tolleson (R- Perry) applauds the Governor’s recent signing of Senate Bill 296 which sets the maximum acreage of developable land on Jekyll Island.

“After years of work with organizations like the Jekyll-Island State Park Authority, Green Law and the Georgia Conservancy along with the support from the local community, it is a great achievement to see this bill signed into law,” said Sen. Tolleson.  “This bill will protect our coast’s natural resources and prolong recreational opportunities for the people who call Jekyll Island home as well as the millions of tourists visiting the island each year.”

SB 296 sets a maximum acreage limit of 1,675 acres of developed land; a 78 acre increase from the already 1,597 acres of developed land on Jekyll.  The bill will change the previous existing law from a 35 percent limitation, which caused ambiguity due to tidal changes, erosion and other natural changes.

The additional 78 acres designated by this bill will be used in the follow ways:  (1) 12 acres for the expansion of the existing campground, which is turning away individuals daily due to lack of space; (2) 46 acres to be used for public health, public safety or public recreation and; (3) 20 acres to be available for development in the future.

Sen. Tolleson serves as the Chairman of the Jekyll Island State Park Authority Oversight Committee and the Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

The bill will go into effect July 1, 2014.

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