Pro-tip for politics and a programming note


Pro-tip for politics and a programming note

Here are a couple of pro-tips for politics and campaign managers.

1. Friday after lunch is not the best time to send something to bloggers or traditional journalists if you want them to notice your press release.

2. Complaining that we don’t publish everything we send you won’t get the next press release published, but showing that you pay attention to what we do and do not publish does help.

3. We are accessible to people who know us – if it is important to you that something specific be published, we’re usually reasonable if you contact one of us ahead of time and make a special request. Don’t do this too frequently, but we’re not unsympathetic.

4. If you don’t know us and wish to, contact us and introduce yourself.

5. We are busy professionals and will get more busy as the elections approach. Many of you will send us more frequent releases as the elections approach. We will probably publish a smaller percentage of blind press releases. But see tips 2-4 above.

6. Give us something exclusive occasionally and we’re more likely to treat your future requests seriously.

7. We are forgiving of unintentional slights or snubs. Once. Handle it with grace and humor, maybe twice.

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