David Perdue Senate: Third TV Ad “Bring”


David Perdue Senate: Third TV Ad “Bring”

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From David Perdue Senate

3rd TV Ad “Bring”

Perdue Begins Airing New TV Ad Focusing on Experience

“Bring” stresses first-time candidate’s understanding of global economy

Former Dollar General CEO and Republican candidate for United States Senate David Perdue today began airing a new TV ad entitled “Bring”.  The ad is part of Perdue’s statewide advertising campaign that has the first-time candidate surging in the polls. 

Three recent independent polls show Perdue moving from fifth to first in the Republican Primary.  And a WSB-TV poll released last night has Perdue as the strongest Republican candidate to take on Democrat Michelle Nunn in November.

WSB-TV stated, “The Republican with the largest lead over Nunn is David Perdue, by a 38 percent to 33 percent margin. Nunn actually leads Karen Handel by 1 percent and trails the other Republicans by a very small percentage in a head-to-head matchup.”

“Bring” continues to emphasize Perdue’s outsider message which is clearly resonating with the voters. A full transcript of the ad, which started airing today, follows:

DAVID PERDUE:  I’ve never run for office, but I have over forty years of experience in the real world. I understand the global free market system, how to generate economic growth, which creates quality jobs. Real change sometimes takes an outside perspective just like it did at Reebok and Dollar General. Fresh eyes, determination and a bucket full of common sense with the right experience. That’s what I’ll bring to the U.S Senate. I’m David Perdue. I approve this message.

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