Rick Allen Gets Norwood Family Endorsement


Rick Allen Gets Norwood Family Endorsement

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AUGUSTA, GA – The family of Congressman Charlie Norwood today endorsed Rick Allen to follow in the late Congressman’s footsteps in the race for Georgia’s 12th-District seat. The endorsement includes Rep. Norwood’s widow, Gloria, and his sons, Charles III and Carlton.

“One of a Congressman’s most-important responsibilities is to help folks in his district to navigate the confounding maze of government agencies. In many important cases, our Congressman is the last source of help for citizens in crisis. As government regulation continues to grow, it is critical that we elect a Congressman who will fight for his constituents in the daily affairs of the district. (Military benefits, Social Security matters, relations with the Department of Agriculture, etc.)

“Rick will fight for what is right when his constituent is meeting difficulty with our government. His decades of business success prove that he has the heart and determination to do what ‘needs doin’. If the Norwood family were at odds with a governmental agency, we’d want Rick beside us in the foxhole. And, we know he would be.

“This is the standard that Charlie Norwood set. Charlie worked tirelessly on behalf of his constituents and loved a good fight. We know Rick shares these solid conservative qualities.”

Rick Allen responded to the Norwoods’ endorsement enthusiastically. “I could not be more humbled and grateful for any other endorsement,” Allen said. “Charlie Norwood was the most significant force for this district, accomplished more, helped more people than anyone. He is the standard by which those of us who follow will be measured.”

Allen concluded, “To have the confidence of Gloria, Charles the Third, and Carlton means more to me than I can adequately express. I will not let them down.”

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