Cherokee Tribune – Marlow argues case for appeal


Cherokee Tribune – Marlow argues case for appeal

ATLANTA — Without an attorney, Cherokee School Board member Kelly Marlow argued her own case Monday for overturning her ethics violation sanction.

Cherokee County School Board Attorney Thomas A. Roach Jr. represented the local board’s case for upholding the sanction on Marlow, when arguments on the appeal were heard in Atlanta.

Marlow’s main arguments to overturn the sanction and $3,600 fine was that the policy was inaccurate and her free speech was being silenced.

Marlow was sanctioned by the Cherokee County Board of Education on Oct. 2 for violating its code of ethics policy, and appealed the local board’s decision to the Georgia Department of Education on Nov. 1.

Roach and Marlow each presented their case to attorney K.P. Reddy of the Reddy Law Firm, who was contracted by the state Department of Education to make a recommendation to the state board.

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