Cherokee Tribune – Marlow appeal hearing Monday


Cherokee Tribune – Marlow appeal hearing Monday

Cherokee County School Board member Kelly Marlow hopes to overturn her ethics violation sanction with an appeal to the state Board of Education, set to be heard Monday.

The appeal hearing will be at noon by the state board at the Department of Education building in Atlanta.

Matt Cardoza, spokesman for the state Department of Education, said a decision on Marlow’s appeal should be reached by early February.

“Typically, after oral argument is heard, a decision is rendered by the following month’s board meeting,” he said.

Marlow was sanctioned by the Cherokee Board of Education on Oct. 2 for violating its code of ethics policy and appealed the local board’s decision Nov. 1.

The state board will produce a written order stating their decision to grant or deny Marlow’s appeal within 25 days of the hearing, according to Georgia Code.

With the appeal hearing Monday, the last day the state Board of Education could declare a decision on Marlow’s appeal is Feb. 7.

Georgia Code states Marlow may be represented by counsel at the hearing, but no new evidence will be allowed in the arguments.

“The argument shall be confined to the issues in the record and the evidence transmitted from previous proceedings,” the code states. “No new evidence shall be received. The state board shall not consider any question not specifically raised in the written appeal or the statement of contentions.”

School Board Attorney Thomas A. Roach Jr. will represent the local board at the appeal hearing, said Cherokee School District spokeswoman Barbara Jacoby.

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