Sen. Judson Hill: Affirmed: The GOP Must Remain The Party of Reagan and Conservative


Sen. Judson Hill: Affirmed: The GOP Must Remain The Party of Reagan and Conservative

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Affirmed: The GOP Must Remain The Party of Reagan and Conservative

From Senator Judson Hill 

As we move beyond the election of 2012 towards 2014 and 2016, we must renew our resolve to stand for Liberty. President Obama’s second Inaugural Address will go down in history as a speech promising perhaps the most expansive Federal government in our history. The federal government, under Democratic leadership, has promised to give us what we want, solve our problems, and run our lives. Tragically, President Obama proposes to accomplish these un-realistic objectives at the expense of freedom, capitalism, and the US Constitution.

It is true what they say, elections do have consequences – serious consequences.

We, those of us who are Republicans, face a season of reflection and, ultimately, of decision. We must decide and we must reaffirm what we stand for as a political party and which values we support. We must have the resolve to fight for fundamental American values.

The question is, does the Republican Party exist to advance God given innate rights and liberty or just simply to defeat the other political party and win elections? This is a serious time in the history of our great Republic. It is my firm belief that our freedom, that liberty itself, is at stake in this generation.
There are those who say the Reagan coalition is dead. They say that those issues and values President Reagan championed are old-fashioned and out of date. Some believe that to continue to win elections, especially at the national level, the Republican Party must move beyond Reagan and embrace a new philosophy and support new commonly accepted values.

Republicans must not reject our core principles nor turn from what is sometimes called the principles of the Reagan Revolution. I worked for President Reagan. I knew him and I traveled with him. Times are tough now, but times were tough then. And like now, America of the late 1970′s was at a crossroad.

I believe the best way forward must be for the Republican Party to return to the principles Reagan championed as President.

We must embrace and rededicate ourselves to advancing the core values of Faith, Family, and Freedom. The point of a political party, of any political party, is not to merely win elections for the sake of winning. Rather, our purpose is to advance a conservative philosophy of personal responsibility and governance which offers every person the freedom and opportunity to become all that God has created them to be and to do so in a manner which honors the governed and upholds the US Constitution.

Conservatives must not sit by and allow those who want to use our Republican Party as a mere platform to achieve political power just for the sake of achieving power. There are those who advance a false premise that fiscal and social conservatives cannot stand together and still win. That is not true. The genius of the Reagan Revolution is that it united both fiscal and social issue voters into a coalition which advanced liberty and won elections by a landslide.

For too long, we have allowed ourselves to move away from that brilliant, simple coalition. Most every time we have done so, the results are worse and we often lose elections. The three most important words in the US Constitution are We the People. We are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It is time we stand up with the courage to say – Government is not the solution.

It is time that we demand a bold set of solutions that protect Americans first, rewards achievement, and works for the interests of the self-governed. Some would have us believe that our nation is doomed to an inevitable decline, don’t believe them. I believe America’s best days are yet to come, if we fight hard to preserve America’s founding principles. Americans will continue to fight for our values, our principles, our faith, and for our families. There is not a problem, there is not a challenge that Americans cannot solve and overcome. The solution is not the government, but real, hardworking, taxpaying Americans linking their arms together and standing side by side.

We have the road map for victory. First, we must have true tax reform. I recommend the Fair Tax – we must begin to restore the hope and the financial opportunity the American dream offers.

To reclaim America with conservative values, we need leaders proven to possess the core American values of faith, family, and freedom. For over two hundred years, Americans have looked to the future believing that tomorrow will be even better than today. I still believe that. You have every right to dream great dreams. Your children have every right to have an American dream. No one person can put a price tag on the American dream and no administration should be able to snatch that opportunity from any of us.

Americans cannot sit back and allow government to take away our future nor crush us in the process. United, we must support jobs and free enterprise. We must stand strong and unwavering in supporting cutting taxes, regulations, and government programs. We must cut government spending, pass a federal balanced budget amendment, and reduce the national debt. We must grow the economy and create jobs by cutting taxes, living within our means, and getting the government out of the way of job creators. Economic activity should be organized through private enterprise operating in a free market.

We must understand that businesses and entrepreneurs, not politicians, create jobs. Job creators need a tax code that is permanent, fair, and understandable.

As we advance free enterprise and capitalism we must also simultaneously fight for those vitally essential cultural values which allow the American family to prosper and endure. Faith and values do matter. We are called to respect the sanctity and dignity of life, family, and marriage as the foundations of a free society.

The right to keep and bear arms by ordinary, law-abiding citizens is a fundamental component of our freedom as Americans.

With all the creative energy at our command, and with all the patriotic spirit we possess, let us begin a new era of national renewal.

Let us work hard and fight with every breath we have been blessed to have to renew our purpose and reaffirm our faith in Almighty God and in America’s values and principles. It’s you and I who are charged with passing these values to our children and our grandchildren.

Let not your family or your friends ever wonder why you did not fight to preserve America. The stakes are too high not to take a stand. It is a time for choosing.

I know not what course others may choose, but as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord and our family will fight with all our strength to proclaim and to reclaim American values. We will offer hope and to work to re-establish America’s place as a beacon of light and freedom for all nations.

Let all conservatives pledge to stand for the values and principles which have made America great and work to ensure that the Republican Party remains the Party of Reagan  – a strong conservative party and America remains the land of liberty.

Senator Judson Hill

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