GA 12 – Rick Allen: Do You Think Pelosi Is Right?


GA 12 – Rick Allen: Do You Think Pelosi Is Right?

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Hope you had a great Christmas holiday with your family and friends.

In a recent interview, Nancy Pelosi said she thought the rollout of Obamacare would not hurt democrats in 2014, but that Democrats would gain more seats in the House instead. Not hurt… but HELP!

Are Washington politicians like Nancy Pelosi and John Barrow so out of touch that they do not realize the devastating consequences of the laws they write? Do they not understand how these overreaching laws will affect the people for whom they supposedly represent?

If you agree that the rollout of Obamacare was disastrous and that Republicans need to keep the House, please consider chipping in $10, $20, or $50 before our fundraising deadline ofDecember 31. Every dollar you can spare will help advance the fight of a hard-working businessman trying to make a difference.

It’s time Washington gets a breath of fresh air from someone who understands what it takes to create jobs and balance a budget. Can you chip in $10, $20, or $50 now?

On to Victory,


P.S. Nancy Pelosi thinks that Obamacare will help get Democrats elected to Congress. Donate $25 now if you think we need to send Democrats like her and John Barrow home!

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