Lamar County GOP: A Positive Message for 2014


Lamar County GOP: A Positive Message for 2014

Your Georgia Desk:

From Our Chairman
December 26, 2013

The year is about to roll over into 2014, and now, more than ever, we are at a crucial point in the struggle to turn back the crushing spending happening all over America. I have learned the hard way that spending the same during tough times as you did in good times can lead to painful realizations later on. When the economy fell out from under the construction industry, we found ourselves struggling to pay bills that were easy before. Praise the Lord we are still making it, though the water sometimes feels as though it is nearing my nostrils. Having said this, it seems as though our government believes that spending without money is the hip thing to do. Well, we’ve done it, both Republicans and Democrats alike for long enough now that even liberal economists are predicting a massive correction or collapse, if you will. How many of us will be prepared for such an event? I dare say not many of us.

Christmas has come and gone. We have had a short rest from all of the garbage filling the airways. Now though is the time to stand up and stretch. Get the cobwebs out of the attic and begin to prepare room for knowledge and passion. These two things together can give us hope of taking back the podium. We need to be the ones shaping the discussion. Conservatives should push for the opportunity to get our message out. We need to lean on our own leadership to give us the support we need to elect constitutional conservatives. We must not settle for the least common denominator, but instead, we should work our rear ends off when the time comes to elect the right person to guide our Republic. When the time comes, we need to send money, write letters, cards, send e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,etc. to see that the right candidate wins…everywhere.

We can win this friends. I want you to step out of your comfort zone, and begin to invite people to our meetings. Many people are too upset with our national leadership to come back to the party right now, but it is my hope to gather them again for the fight ahead. I will begin inviting some myself. Prepare yourself for the ride of your life as we watch the pendulum swing in our favor. Just like the breath taking clicking sound of a climbing roller coaster, we find ourselves about to pull over the top and down a very sharp drop into exciting chaos. We CAN win friends! We CAN!!!!!!!!

Please make plans to be at the January meeting as Karen Handel will be speaking to us. She is a candidate for the U.S. Senate and has graciously said yes to an invitation from our very own Nancy Thrash. Whether you are a fan or not, I know you all well enough to know that Karen will be treated with dignity, though I am also sure that you will have some tough questions along the way.

I appreciate you all and wish you all the greatest of new years! God bless you!

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