Balfour’s GOP Primary opponent, P.K. Martin, on the verdict


Balfour’s GOP Primary opponent, P.K. Martin, on the verdict

via Press Release:

P.K. Martin’s Statement on the Outcome of the Don Balfour Trial

(Lawrenceville, GA)-Conservative Republican P.K. Martin, candidate for State Senate District 9, today released the following statement on the outcome of Don Balfour’s trial:

“Don Balfour has been found not guilty, but that doesn’t mean he should be re-elected. The trial painted a clear picture that Don has lost touch with his responsibilities as a State Senator. Don admitted to filing inaccurate mileage and expense reports to the state. He has shown a repeated lack of respect for public money from his nonchalance with expense reports. Elected officials have a responsibility to be good stewards of tax dollars and have the ability to focus on the needs of their constituents. Don has proven that he simply cannot be trusted to do so.”

“This entire situation is about doing what’s right, earning trust. Too many of our leaders are skating around the rules and using excuses to avoid responsibility and sacrificing the trust of the people.”

“In the State Senate, I will push to strengthen ethics laws for elected officials and push for harsher consequences for repeated accidental violations that misuse and abuse tax dollars and betray the public’s trust. More importantly, I will lead by example, do the right thing and make you proud.”

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