Open letter from 3rd District GAGOP Chairman Mr. Dale Jackson


Open letter from 3rd District GAGOP Chairman Mr. Dale Jackson

Open letter from 3rd District GAGOP Chairman Mr. Dale Jackson

Opposing the “Ryan-Murray” Budget Plan

It is with a heavy heart and deep concern that I draft this personal letter to all elected officials that represent this great state of Georgia in Washington DC. First, let me state that I greatly appreciate those representatives that have stood firm on the principles of less spending, lower taxes, and less government on this latest budget “deal” proposed in the Ryan-Murray plan.  My primary objective with this letter is to urge our Senators that represent THIS great state of Georgia, to also stand with them as well.

As the Chairman of the 3rd District GAGOP, it is my responsibility to protect the republican brand and principles for which it claims to represent. The time has come that we must no longer be satisfied with “well it could have been worse”. If we ever hope to begin to undo the past 100 years of progressive policy, we must have the courage to proud of the principles that we hold dear! Frankly, those that actually do the hard work at the grassroots level, are feeling quite discouraged as they watch those they fought to get elected constantly capitulate to Obama and his cronies in Washington. We are simply looking for someone in Washington to actually begin to walk the walk, instead of simply giving us lip service about reducing real spending, lowering taxes and reducing the size of government.

This latest budget deal completely destroys the only conservative victory we have seen the past 5 years, in the sequester. It increases spending by $63 Billion. It does this by taking from all Americans their hard earned money in the form of FEES. It also creates future ways to increase spending in the future, that will have unforeseen consequences. To make matters worse, the $63 Billion in new spending is not even covered now by the additional fees, but rather we are supposed to trust congress in 2016 to actually implement these “cuts”. Excuse me, if I’m just a bit skeptical.

I now urge our two Senators Chambliss and Isakson, to stand with my fellow conservatives across this entire state and reject this “deal”, and demand actual spending cuts. I would also ask that any Republican official in the state at any level, please sign on to this letter. Let’s send a message loud and clear, that we have had enough of the “compromise” in Washington that always leads to more progressive policy.

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