Adoptable Georgia Dogs for November 27, 2013


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for November 27, 2013


Hershel is a 6 month old, 37 pound, Tan and White Lab mix who came to the shelter with his buddy, Daryl. Both of these boys will sit, stay, and lay down for you. They are a little scared right now and need to learn they are safe and can walk on the leash. They should feel better once they are in a loving home.


Daryl is a 6 month old, 42 pound black-and-tan Hound or Retriever mix. Daryl and Hershel are in cage 115 and his Daryl’s ID is 560977 while Hershel’s ID is 560976. They’re such good friends, it would be awesome if they could find a forever home together. They are available for adoption from Cobb County Animal Control.


Miles is a two-year old, eight pound Chihuahua who sits and walks on a leash and is very friendly. He tested heartworm positive, so he’ll need treatment for that. He is available for adoption from the Cobb County Animal Shelter.


Tootsie is a six-year old, 19-pound Chihuahua mix who came with two other dogs on Oct 26th. She is VERY SWEET and knows sit, stay and is available for adoption from Cobb County Animal Control.


One year ago today, Dolly came to live with us as a foster who has since won a permanent place in our home, along with her sister Roxy. I first posted Dolly in the Daily Dogs section hoping she would find a home. Some *cough* Mrs. GaPundit *cough* was touched by her story and said we could consider fostering her.

I took Roxy up to the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter to meet 28406 and see if they could get along. Roxy was not allowed to meet Dolly, because a parvo outbreak had occurred on Dolly’s cellblock and she was to either be euthanized that day or taken immediately to be quarantined for two weeks. Luckily for us all a volunteer at the shelter got Dolly into a kennel for quarantine and a rescue group had a donor willing to pick up the tab for the quarantine without a firmly committed foster home.

After visiting her a couple time in quarantine, on the day before Thanksgiving, we brought Dolly home. Since then, the most miraculous thing has been the positive effect she’s had on Roxy’s health.

Without Dixie Dog Rescue, Dolly would have been euthanized that day, and in all likelihood, we would have lost Roxy, as her health was failing due to old age. So, today, we are thankful that groups like Dixie Dog Rescue are in the business of saving dogs. We’re donating some cash for vet bills and a couple of sacks of kibble for their dogs today in honor of Dolly.

If you’re thankful for the dog in your life, either currently or in the past, please help Dixie Dog Rescue. It’s easy to make an online donation through Paypal or pick out something from their wish list or send food and treats via their Wal Mart wish list

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  • rrlcc1 says:

    Mr Rehm,
    Thank you for all the good publicity for especially for Dixie Dog Rescue. I have become an avid supporter because of your efforts to highlight their work. I also enjoy your thoughtful newsletter even though I am a Yellow Dog Democrat who refuses to become a RINO.

    • Todd Rehm says:

      Thank you very much. Our first experience with Dixie Dog Rescue was when they took a chance on Dolly and pulled her from certain euthanasia and put her in a private facility for quarantine after another dog in her cell block came down with Parvo.

      Dog rescue groups in Georgia range from the professional-level groups like and Angels Among Us to small groups run often by a single individual and their supporters. Even individuals who take in a stray they found wandering around and help get them home or into a rescue group are part of the world of dog rescue.

      We are happy to support both types of groups, as they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Personally, we have adopted from Adopt A Golden Atlanta and with the help of Dixie Dog Rescue and we couldn’t be more pleased.

      I’ve told folks that when I started this site to focus on Georgia politics, I thought I’d include a little bit of information about dog rescue until enough people complained and I would go to only sporadically including dogs and rescue groups.

      To my suprise and happiness, the mission of supporting dog rescue and helping folks learn about the variety of groups and how they can support dog rescue even if they can’t personally foster or adopt a dog, has become central to the success of Georgia Pundit.

      It’s always hard to quantify the effect we have, as we hear occasional reports about someone adopting or fostering, or educating their friends and family until someone adopts or fosters. But we’re confident that we’ve helped at least 30 dogs find their way into foster and adoptive homes in 2013.

      Thanks again for the feedback, and my personal thanks to you for looking at the dogs we try to help.