Cherokee Tribune – Sheriff feels heat at charity roast


Cherokee Tribune – Sheriff feels heat at charity roast

CANTON — Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison was handcuffed and dragged on stage Thursday night to endure a series of brutal attacks at the hands of some of his closest friends.

But it was all in good fun.

Garrison was the roastee at the 10th annual Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club charity roast benefit, which brought more than 500 officials, politicians and residents to the Cherokee County Conference Center and was expected to raise more than $80,000 for the club.

Longtime Atlanta radio personality Rhubarb Jones was the first roaster to turn the fire on Garrison, although he said he was reluctant to get involved.

“I told them when they wanted to roast Roger, I said ‘Y’all might as well go roast one of the apostles,’” Jones said, “‘because I can’t say nothing ugly about this guy.’”

But then, Jones said he heard about the time Garrison wouldn’t even let his own mother out of a speeding ticket.

“You gave your momma a ticket?” Jones asked Garrison in disbelief.

Garrison was quick to explain.

“She was speeding,” he said flatly.

After Jones, it was Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle’s turn to take a few shots at the sheriff. But Cagle didn’t get off too easily himself.

When introducing the lieutenant governor, the night’s emcee Jamie Bendall, owner of the Punchline Comedy Club, jokingly reminded Cagle of the lack of power in his position.

“You’re kind of like the substitute teacher of the state government,” Bendall said. “You’re working somebody else’s lesson plan and you hope you get to hang around for a few extra days.”

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