Panel Explores When To Expunge Records |


Panel Explores When To Expunge Records |

Should a middle-aged woman who was convicted of drunken driving when she was 21 have to tell her prospective employer, even if she’s never committed another offense?

Should a man who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession after prosecutors dropped his armed robbery charge have to wait four years before applying for expungement of his record?

Should a private background check company be allowed to continue to disclose someone’s criminal records even if the court has subsequently restricted access to them?

Those are questions that a study committee of state senators, many of whom are lawyers, are hoping to tackle before the beginning of the next legislative session in January. The committee held its first of at least five meetings Tuesday across the street from the Capitol.

Senator Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, chairs the expungement panel and the Senate Judiciary Committee. A practicing attorney, McKoon acknowledged reforms were made during the last two sessions. House Bills 1176 and 349, passed during the 2012 and 2013 sessions, expanded the types of criminal records that are eligible for expungement, restriction and correction.

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