Reviving Clayton bus service isn’t simple |


Reviving Clayton bus service isn’t simple |

Clayton is the only metro county without local public transportation since it killed its bus service, C-TRAN, three years ago because of its cost. For commuter Tashonie Davis and others without cars, getting to work, school or even the grocery store is a logistical nightmare.

“I’m from New York and it’s so much easier there being able to get around,” said Davis, who is moving from Morrow at the end of the month to an Atlanta apartment near a MARTA station. “Clayton needs a better transportation system.”

County leaders agree on that. How soon it may come, however, is anyone’s guess. There is disagreement about how best to get public transit, most likely buses, rolling again.

A year after metro Atlantans voted down a massive regional transportation plan, Clayton shows what being without public transportation means in a car-dependent region. Seven percent of its residents do not own a car. DeKalb and Fulton have higher percentages, 9.4 and 11.8 percent respectively, but those residents have bus service and MARTA.

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