Savannah City Council OKs new arena site |


Savannah City Council OKs new arena site |

The city intends to build a new arena in west Savannah, as originally planned when voters approved a sales tax referendum in 2006.

Savannah aldermen reaffirmed the location, north of West Gwinnett Street along the Springfield Canal, by voting Thursday for the site after three other locations had been considered.

The city had recently requested proposals from consultants to study all four sites, but City Manager Stephanie Cutter recommended last week that the council select a preferred site without moving forward with the study.

Cutter said the move will save money because they can concentrate on studying one location, as opposed to four. In addition, voters will be able to see what the city’s intentions are ahead of a planned referendum on Nov. 5 to extend the sales tax.

The city hopes to collect an additional $120 million for the arena from the tax funds, on top of the $22 million raised from the current tax. Savannah aldermen also passed an intergovernmental agreement with Chatham County that sets the distribution percentages for the tax proceeds.

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