RN-T.com – Rep Kingston about Syria What is the target


RN-T.com – Rep Kingston about Syria What is the target

U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston said Tuesday he’s concerned about possible military action against Syria, commenting on the same day Congressional leaders expressed support for action against the Middle Eastern country.

Kingston, a candidate for U.S. Senate, told the Floyd County Republican Women that Congress will vote next week on whether to authorize military strikes after Syrian President Bashar Assad’s suspected use of chemical weapons.

President Barack Obama has said he’s confident Congress will authorize the strikes against Assad’s chemical weapons capabilities. Leaders on both sides of the aisle said Tuesday they’d support the action.

“I’ve got a lot of concern about it,” Kingston said. “What is the target specifically? What is the definition of ‘mission accomplished?’”

Kingston, R-Savannah, questioned whether America could strategically bomb Syrian targets without drawing China and Russia’s ire. Assad has indicated repercussions would follow a military strike, Kingston said, and America must ensure allies are aligned with its interests.

“It’s a very serious vote,” Kingston said of authorizing the strikes.

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