‘Moonshiners’ star goes legit, sells whiskey in stores | www.myajc.com


‘Moonshiners’ star goes legit, sells whiskey in stores | www.myajc.com

You have to understand the role a dog plays in the manufacture of whiskey, especially that created in the dark of night, away from prying eyes of government agents.

A good dog keeps watch and lets her human know whether strangers are afoot. A crackle in the leaves, a limb snapping: She’s on it, a four-legged alarm.

That brings us to Camo, a fine hound. She comes by her name honestly. She’s got mottled fur, perfect camouflage in the Virginia woods where she found work guarding moonshine for her human, Tim Smith.

Now, dog and human have honest jobs.

Smith — a star of “Moonshiners,” Discovery Channel’s series about a collection of liquor-making goobers who drink, get in trouble, drink, get out of trouble, drink, then get in trouble again — has gone legit. He’s brewing ‘shine with the government’s approval.

Camo? Her noble visage graces every bottle of Smith’s legal lightning, debuting in Georgia and South Carolina.

Smith hit town last week. He came big-time, riding in a black Ford Excursion whose smoked-glass sides bore Smith’s likeness as well the name of his whiskey, Climax Moonshine, aka the Drink of Defiance. He was shirtless, as usual, and wore his signature camouflage hat. The name of his liquor was stitched on the back of his Liberty overalls.

Thursday afternoon found him in the tasting room of Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits in Doraville, where customer Maegan Joseph reached uncertainly for a short plastic tumbler. A half-inch of Smith’s moonshine glistened inside it. With his advice, she tossed it in her mouth, swished it around, then took an additional sip of sweet tea.

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