Crackdown on Gwinnett County Texting and Driving |


Crackdown on Gwinnett County Texting and Driving |

We’ve all heard and seen the horrifying public service announcements about the dangers of distracted driving , especially texting and driving. While the results of not paying attention while driving can be very apparent, officers say that actually enforcing texting while driving laws is difficult. For this reason, Gwinnett county police officers conducted a two-day undercover operation in December to catch offenders and write tickets for texting and driving.ticketed for texting and driving in Georgia.

During the operation, three Gwinnett county police officers were positioned in unmarked SUVs along Pleasant Hill Road. Upon seeing someone they thought was texting while driving, they signaled to other officers down the road to pull the car over. During the crackdown, officers wrote 17 citations during one, 11 hour span. Gwinnett Police Cpl. Jake Smith said in article from The Gwinnett Daily Post that these results were “pretty telling” of the problem’s prevalence. Smith said that similar operations will not happen regularly because of the man power required; however, drivers should be aware it will happen intermittently in the future.

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